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Fargodome Schedule and Qualifications

2018 Dome Days

Dates and Team eligibility TBD.

Dome Days Qualifying Policy

*At the close of the season, those who have not fully participated in fundraising ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN DOME GAMES.*

It must also be noted that Fargo Dome games cannot be guaranteed for any given season. These games are based on Dome availability and our regular season schedule. The number of days (one or two) that we are able to secure also affects the number of teams awarded games. The FM Athletics Board reserves the right to make all decisions regarding Dome Days and team participation.

All Leagues

All players who opted not to participate in the fundraising buyout option at the time of registration are required to sell a minimum of 10 fundraiser cards to fulfill their registration fee. Players who sell more than the required 10 are eligible to earn prizes. Prize information will be provided to the Team Fundraiser Coordinator at the beginning of each season. Any player who returns any of their initial 10 cards unsold will be billed for the difference as agreed to when completing your registration. It is acceptable for another player to help a teammate sell their required 10 cards.

4th Grade League

4th grade teams are evaluated by the League President on a case-by-case basis.

5/6th , 7/8th Grade Leagues

Dome games will be awarded based upon the average number of fundraiser cards sold per player, per team, from highest to lowest. All members of a team who did not participate in the buyout at registration must sell at least their required 10 cards for the team to have a chance for a Dome game. Players who participated in the buyout are credited with 10 sales. The number of teams awarded spots will depend on the number of days we have the Dome and the number of teams we have in our 5/6th and 7/8th grade leagues. These numbers fluctuate each season. If there is a tie in the average number of units sold per player for remaining Dome spots, a drawing will be held by the board.